About JDK Woodworking


JDK Woodworking is artistic wood shop located in Marlow, New Hampshire. Every piece of wood used for a JDK wood piece is milled from a felled tree that would otherwise have been trucked to a landfill.  JDK designs and hand builds all of their own creations with the exception of the Garden Gnome Door.

JDK Woodworking is passionate about quality design and construction as well as sustainability and recycling. All leftover scrap wood from the JDK wood shop is utilized for heat, chicken coop shavings, garden mulch, and salting icy walkways in the winter months.

History of JDK Woodworking

John and Diane Luke, the owners of JDK Woodworking began operation the summer of 2012.

John was raised in North Easton, Massachusetts and has a background in Construction. Diane was raised in Mansfield, Massachusetts and has a background in Customer Service. Due to the economic crisis both found themselves out of work. To occupy their time and reduce the stress of difficult times John and Diane began working on projects together with salvaged wood.  With their meager budget they used mostly traditional hand tools, many dating back to the 1800′s and early 1900′s and very few power tools lending to the handmade look you see in all of JDK’s signature pieces.

Their first project tackled was a set of Adirondack style chairs to place at the fish pond, then a table to place between the chairs creating a place for a relaxing cup of coffee. The next project was a Pine side table with inlay, again made with recycled wood and only  old hand tools.

One day as a joke, John made a birdhouse that looked like a funny face. Their neighbor, Mike thought it was amusing and asked if John could make a birdhouse that looked like him. Well, John did, and the “Splinterhead” birdhouses were born!

By popular demand from family, friends, and anyone else who had seen these curious creations, John and Diane decide to sell them.  They brought the Splinterheads to their first craft show in Plymouth, Massachusetts and they sold out! The rest of that summer was spent on the craft show circuit and expanding their product line to include birdfeeders, Post Office Box Banks, clocks, tables, and shelves with hidden compartments.

If you have any questions and comments contact us or feel free to call JDK Woodworking at 603-446-3380.